2103, 2016

Leap of Trust

A renovation built on trust
Those words ‘trust me’.  How often do we say them or hear Trust?  Leap of Trust? Car manufacturers want you to think that about their products ‘safest in car crash ratings’, […]

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1803, 2016

Carefree Living in Short Pump RVA

There aren’t too many times in your life when you’re gifted something when you weren’t asking for it.  This is a seller who has taken their true love for homeownership and let it shine through. […]

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1003, 2016

Financial Peace!

In October of 2015, after many failed scheduling attempts, looking at the shiny shrink-wrapped Financial Peace box of Dave Ramsey’s sitting on my shelf my husband and I ‘got around’ to following this course.   How […]

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902, 2016

New Listing in River’s Bend

Last week’s post was about listing a new home for sale in Ashland, Virginia in deep snow drifts, and it went pretty well!  The homeowner could barely get the driveway cleared when the calls started […]

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2501, 2016

Yes Virginia, we sell homes in the Snow!

Yes Virginia, we sell homes in the Snow!   Motivation to move is almost like the post man (or woman): not rain, nor snow nor sleet nor dark of night will deter the motivated from […]

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