902, 2016

New Listing in River’s Bend

Last week’s post was about listing a new home for sale in Ashland, Virginia in deep snow drifts, and it went pretty well!  The homeowner could barely get the driveway cleared when the calls started […]

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2501, 2016

Yes Virginia, we sell homes in the Snow!

Yes Virginia, we sell homes in the Snow!   Motivation to move is almost like the post man (or woman): not rain, nor snow nor sleet nor dark of night will deter the motivated from […]

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701, 2016

Real Estate and Real TV

This is a very proud moment to share some great news.  How do real estate and real TV come together?  That’s a story that starts a few years ago, and you can find introductory posts […]

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2412, 2015

House For Sale 2548 Butterwood Drive

For Sale 2548 Butterwood Drive Powhatan, Va.  Merry Christmas to all of our friends, family and clients in this very warm, muggy springlike Virginia day!   I am fully confident it will be 32 degrees […]

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812, 2015

Price Improvement in Providence Forge!

Are you someone who needs to commute between Richmond, Virginia and Williamsburg or Newport News?  Or are you working all over the Virginia Beach area one week, and other parts of the Commonwealth on others? […]

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